Nikki & Bryan’s Wedding Film – St. Paul’s & The Pennsylvanian

8 years and one day after they met at Monte Cello’s, Nikki and Bryan were finally married! I was so happy to have Nicki Dembski and Randi Voss as primary video shooters on this exquisite wedding day, while I had the pleasure of editing Nikki and Bryan’s wedding film. Enjoy! – Christina Thanks to: Ceremony […]

Katie & Michael’s Wedding Film – Heinz History Center

Katie & Michael have known each other a long time! They met in high school, but it wasn’t until a few years later that they managed to connect. They’re a classic “opposites attract” couple – Katie is highly organized, efficient, detail-oriented, while Michael is relaxed and mellow. When they’re together, they both instantly light up. […]

Kayt and Harry’s Cinematic Wedding Feature

Kayt and Harry met during their freshman orientation at Emerson College (find out why Harry’s first words ever to Kayt were “you’re mine!” on Randi’s blog). Kayt and Harry knew that photography would be a priority at their wedding, but were undecided about whether they also wanted to hire a videographer. So they asked Randi, […]