Audio (It matters!)

Your wedding film is not a music video. And it’s not a trailer for a feature-length film. You should feel immersed in your movie, not removed from it. If your movie is only visuals accompanied by music, you won’t be as emotionally connected as you would be if you were hearing the voices and sounds that were part of your wedding day. If someone knocks on a door or guests are cheering but you don’t hear the knocking or the cheering, it feels less real. As much as possible, considering this is a live unpredictable event, we capture sounds along with sights.

For example, here is a clip from Nicole & Rob’s wedding. The same clip plays three times: consider how different the third version feels from the first or second.

Can you imagine newlyweds entering their reception without hearing the crowd cheering them on?

One more example, this time from beyond the wedding world. Here Christina’s 8-year-old son, Leo, finally gets his cast off his broken arm. Notice how much more you empathize with his little brother’s reaction in the third version!

We also avoid (as much as possible!) what’s known as “loose jaw” or “ghost mouth.” This refers to the phenomenon in video when you see someone is talking, but can’t hear what they’re saying. This can’t always be avoided: if a bride and her father talk through their whole father-daughter dance, for example, we have no way of isolating that dialogue because the music is too loud; but we would not want to cut that footage completely.

So much personality can shine through in just a line or two of dialogue. Consider this very short scene from Robin & Matt’s wedding.

Audio matters! And we are committed to making it a dynamic part of your film.