Details (Story over style)

Many brides and grooms spend a lot of time and effort on the personalized details that give their weddings a unique flair. Photographers do a great job at capturing those details. We also shoot details, but only in a supporting role. Our wedding films do not include endless shots of stationary objects. We like to shoot details when they’re in action, so that they’re part of your story.

For example, at Megan and Rob’s film, they had an espresso station in honor of Rob’s Italian heritage. How did we approach this? By following the story of the barista preparing a drink, from start to finish.

What’s the best tradition unique to Pittsburgh weddings? The cookie table! I’ve seen a lot of cookie tables, and one of the most elaborate was at Nicole and Rob’s wedding. The story of this cookie table wouldn’t have been the same if we only shot the cookies alone, waiting to be taken. Seeing the guests perusing the myriad number of choices adds a lot more interest and brings it to life.