Light (Making you look your best)

At some point in your life, you’ve probably heard a photographer gush about beautiful light. Good light is just as critical to movies as it is to photography. Throughout the course of a wedding day, we make sure lighting is optimal and flattering, adjusting it if necessary. We want you to look your best, with the best lighting possible!

At times during filming, we may make a light-influenced suggestion if we think it will benefit your day. These suggestions are always made in the most seamless way possible, without being intrusive or annoying. In most cases, we coordinate this with your photography team beforehand as they will want to find you the best light possible, too. We have no intention of directing, interrupting or controlling your wedding day! We want your movie to flow as naturally and beautifully as the event itself!

For example, when it was time for bride Megan to put on her wedding dress, we discovered that the best lit room was her mother’s dining room. This room also had the most space, which is important when you have to accommodate a photographer, a cinematographer, bride, mother of the bride, and a few bridesmaids! This was also the best spot for Megan to greet her dad and share a special moment with both parents before leaving for the church.

The “Good light” referred to in photography and film isn’t just how bright an area is. The amount of light is not as important as the quality of light. Is the light hard or soft? Where is the light coming from? Overhead light is the most common type of light, but it’s also the least flattering (well, except for lighting from below… but that’s rare.)  Most ballrooms and churches have overhead light, which is great at lighting the tops of heads, but not so great at lighting eyes and faces.

Generally churches don’t permit any extra lighting, but if your ceremony is not in a church we may use extra lighting to augment the existing lighting.

Kristen & Brandon’s wedding reception took place in the very dark Bob & Dolores Hope room at the Omni William Penn in downtown Pittsburgh. Here, we added a light on Tony, the Man of Honor, during his toast. This light did double duty – it added a allowed the camera and the audience to see him better, and also removed the shadows on his face from the overhead light.

A little extra light can add more depth and dimension to a first dance, too.

Our cameras and lenses are very good at shooting in low light. But, we, the camera operators, need enough light to see! We can’t focus our cameras if it’s so dark that we can’t even see. So, sometimes we use a light because we need a little help. Plus, it looks great. At April & Gene’s wedding at Lingrow Farm, they treated their guests to a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream bar. This was so much fun! But, it was dark out there. Adding a light made this sequence look great and allowed me to be able to see well enough to shoot.